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Catalonia: A Work In Progress, exhibition by JC Candanedo

12 April 2018


JC Candanedo1

©JC Candanedo 

From the 18th to the 28th of April, JC Candanedo's portraiture project on the Catalan conflict 'Catalonia: A Work In Progress' will be part of the collective exhibition Salon 18, organised by the London Creative Network (LCN) at Four Corners Gallery. This personal project explores the spectrum of opinions that people living in Catalonia have in regards to the Independence from Spain.  

JC Candanedo2

©JC Candanedo 


JC Candanedo explains: 'At first sight, it might seem like there are only two possible positions: in favour of the independence of Catalonia or in favour of the permanency in Spain. But the reality is more complex than that; there is a diverse set of opinions from the people caught in the middle. Some people definitely want out, while others feel very much part of Spain. But, not everyone who wants to leave wants an Independence per se and would opt for just more autonomy for the region. Meanwhile, not everyone who wants to remain in Spain feels Spanish or agrees with the policies of the Spanish government.'


JC Candanedo3

©JC Candanedo 

Whatever the outcome of the Catalan conflict is, the government of Catalonia or the government of Spain will have to guarantee that all the people living in Catalonia can live in harmony disregarding their political views.

This is a conflict that has been going on for centuries, but the rest of the world found out about it after the events of October 1st, 2017, when the pro-Independence parties staged a referendum that the Spanish government considered illegal.'


'Catalonia: A Work In Progress' runs from 18-28 April 2018 

Four Corners Gallery, 121 Roman Road, London E2 0QN

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