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© Kevin Mallett, Finalist, Non-Commissioned Objects Series, AOP Open Awards 2014

AOP Student was launched in 2004, when we recognised that it was essential to create an environment where students, assistants and photographers could have the opportunity to come together informally, where students could plug themselves into the industry, exchange information and be encouraged and inspired.

It was also recognised that our industry can sometimes be hard and unforgiving, so a need exists to help, educate and support newcomers to this world. To become successful, a professional photographer must meet the demands of the industry and to make best use of their initiative, their passion, their drive and to display and demonstrate good business acumen and skills. To this end, the Association started an affiliation scheme to work more closely with colleges and universities running photography courses in order to ensure that many of the skills required after graduation were included in the courses being undertaken. There are currently more than 35 affiliated colleges and universities throughout the UK.

AOP Student looks to reward those students who are willing to put in something extra. This doesn’t mean we are offering a fast-track to success - we have to say there isn’t one - nor are there any guarantees, as the industry you are entering is one of the toughest to break into. But, if you put the effort in, work hard and produce good results you are at least on the first rung of the ladder. From being an AOP Student member, you will have the opportunity to become an Assistant member or ultimately to be a full professional Photographer member of the Association. 

We hope you have browsed our website and that you have heard of our awards programme which, art buyers, art directors and designers use to source professional photography. The details of this years AOP Student Awards programe will be published on our website shortly.

Our membership includes many well-established and known contemporary photographers such as Rankin, Snowdon, Nadav Kander, Tim Flach and Simon Norfolk. All of these people started where you are now.

 For further information on how to become an AOP Student including all the benefits please click here

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