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The Association of Photographers was first formed in 1968 as the Association of Fashion and Advertising Photographers and is one of the most prestigious professional photographers' associations in the world.

The Association's aims remain the same today as they were more than 40 years ago: to promote and protect the worth and standing of its members, to vigorously defend, educate and lobby for the interests and rights of all photographers, especially in the commercial photographic industry.

Membership is open to:
Professional Photographers, Assistants, Agents, Colleges, Students and those with an interest in professional photography.

Our members' clients include:
advertising agencies, design groups, corporate sector companies, publishing houses and music publishers.

Our members' work is:
published worldwide in magazines, newspapers, books and advertising campaigns. Many members produce work as fine art, sold and collected through traditional galleries and online.

In-depth information on the laws surrounding photography, ethics, standards of practice, different types of photography, etc., can be found in our publication, 'Beyond the Lens'.

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