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© Carlotta Cardana, Best AOP Student, AOP Open Awards 2013

AOP Student is a web-based membership with all the benefits listed below. 

By becoming an AOP Student you automatically become part of a wider community of students, assistants, photographers & photographers' agents.

We believe that to become a successful professional photographer working for commercial clients, you must demonstrate a special level of drive, initiative, business acumen and skill. Becoming a student member does not offer a fast-track to success (there isn't one) nor does it provide any guarantees as the industry you are hoping to enter is one of the toughest to break into. But - if you put the effort in, work hard and learn from your results, you are, at the very least, on the first rung of the ladder. Being a student member can help you focus and provides a forum allowing you to interact with others who are not on your campus.


Open to all students studying photography (Higher Education Courses)

Benefits of Becoming an AOP Student:

  • Recognition as part of The Association of Photographers and the peer group it represents.
  • Eligibility to enter the AOP Student Awards.
  • Quarterly Image Magazine App.                                                                                                        - See Issue #1, our first 'exclusive', open free download to all members and non-members. Available through the iTunes Store here & as an online PDF here.
  • AOP Usage Calculator
  • AOP Student SONY Discount
  • All the AOP's publications including the Awards book, Beyond the Lens and any future publications available at special AOP Student prices.
  • Acess to Meet The Experts; exclusive interviews offering tips and advice from AOP Photographers and Assistants.
  • How to.... Guides.  Handy and easy to understand 'how to' guides covering the basics of studio life.
  • Links to useful places
  • A glossary containing many slang-words, colloquialisms and jargon used throughout the industry.


  • FREE Annual Membership if studying on an affiliated course (this will become apparent when you apply)
  • £25 p/a if not studying on an affiliated course.

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No voting rights.

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