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© Carol Sharp, Best in Category, Non-Commissioned Objects Single, AOP Photographers Awards 2014

When you join the Association of Photographers, you are joining a peer group that is recognised throughout the industry; recognition as a member places you amongst your peers. Commissioners and clients alike will be assured that they are working with a photographer who represents quality, professionalism and innovation. As a member you also have access to a group of photographers with shared values, knowledge and experience.

The vast majority of our members are professional photographers who have high profile clients that include advertising agencies, design groups, businesses in the private and public sectors, publishing houses and music publishers. Our members' work is published worldwide in magazines, newspapers and books and used in advertising campaigns. Additionally many of our members sell their images as fine-art through traditional galleries as well as on-line.


As a Full Photographer Member of the AOP your work must show a level and standard that:

  • Meets the expectations of commercial buyers and professional commissioners of photography
  • Is consistent with having been a professional photographer for more than 2 years

In addition we require:

  • Electronic examples of your work as well as a link to you website. 
  • Support documentation for at least 2 of the requirements you have chosen from the list detailed within the application form (downloadable below).

All evidence should be submitted by e-mail when you submit the application form.

In summary we can provide you with:

  • Recognition as a member of a peer group that represents those at the top of their game.
  • Business and Legal support. Referral to specialist lawyers, retained by the Association (first half hour consultation at a discounted member's rate).
  • Opportunity to upload 30 images into the Members Folio. Contact details, web & email links can also be uploaded.
  • Opportunity to be included in the monthly HTML mailshot for the Members Folio. Created specifically, automatically and randomly then sent direct to commissioners of photography.
  • Ability to showcase your work in the AOP Online Gallery 
  • NUJ Press Card* (Available to AOP Full Members for an additional cost)
  • Access to free PDF version of Beyond the Lens 
  • Access to the AOP E-List; a 24/7 Private Member to Member Forum that shares advice and always has an immediate answer to a question.
  • Eligibility to enter the AOP Photography Awards & Expo - Photographer Award.
  • Eligibility to enter the AOP Open Award (Discounted entry)
  • Free quarterly Image Magazine App.                                                                                                        - See Issue #1, our first 'exclusive', open free download to all members and non-members. Available through the iTunes Store here & as an online PDF here.
  • Monthly member-only e-newsletter and blog.
  • Access to the AOP's Applestore where items are discounted (UK residents only).
  • Member Industry Discounts
  • Workshop and Events (access to discounted & free events)
  • AOP Members Logo
  • AOP Usage Calculator
  • Business Templates Forms
  • Discounts on all the AOP's publications including the Awards book, Beyond the Lens and any future publications.
  • Free buy/sell advertisements on the AOP's website.
  • Free Job Shop advertisements on the AOP's website (not to be used to advertise for freelance assistants).

For more information email us at

Voting Rights:

Full Photographer members of the AOP have voting rights. This entitles you to attend our Annual General Meeting and vote on any motions regarding the AOP and/or members of the AOP's Board of Directors.


Full Photographer Membership (Working as a professional photographer for more than 2 years)

  • £315 p/a - plus VAT (UK)
  • £240 p/a - no VAT (Overseas)

N.B.  For any card payments please contact the office on +44(0)203 327 7207


Comments about the AOP:

"I'm a big fan of the AOP. When I left college, all the photographers whose work I admired and aspired to were members, so joining was a no-brainer. Since then, I've benefitted in countless ways, from organising exhibitions to complex legal advice. Success in the Awards also provided a significant increase in the number and quality of my commissions. Given all the ongoing changes and developments in photography, having the support of the AOP has never been more essential" - George Logan

"The main reason for me, as an overseas member, to join the AOP was the Awards. I think its still the best Photography Award with the greatest work from the year - Its an honour to be chosen for the book and very exciting every year. Also a great opportunity to get your work seen by so many people" - Christian Schmidt

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