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Elina Moriya

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Elina Moriya is a Finnish and Japanese visual artist and photographer working with photography and video. She was born in Japan, grew up in Finland and is currently based in London. She started photography in her teens whilst studying in US. Since then she has worked on her artistic practise whilst working as a photographer and teaching and lecturing.

As an artist Elina has been exhibiting since 1997. Her practise incorporates documentary photography and conceptual visuals engaging in encounters arising from multiple perspectives, often researching the elements guiding our perception and interpretations. She is interested in encounters where various narratives overlap and integrate, resulting in the merging of new entities, and finding translations enabling dialogues with alternative paradigms.

She has exhibited in Finland, Japan, UK, US, Poland, Italy, Republic of the Congo and has been awarded numerous grants, including a one year State Grant by the Arts Council of Finland for 2011, Finnfoto, The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations grant in 1999, 2003 and 2010 and both a joint Travel Grant for Cultural Development Projects and Communication Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland (as a member of a team). In 2006 she published Molende – Stories of Congolese Perseverance photography book with accompanying exhibition.

As a photographer Elina's greatest passion is to be able to tell thrilling and engaging stories through astonishing and unpredictable visual means. She works with making constructed visionary concepts as well as taking pure documentary photographs. Her trademark of vivid, colourful, energetic conceptual images, evokes stories via cinematic forms. She works in high end advertising and editorial and is regarded as a specialist in photographing people, locations and filmic panoramas. Her clients include Pepsi, Masterfoods, Persil, Microsoft, Nokia as well as small independent companies. She has been acknowledged internationally and has won numerous international awards e.g. International Photography Awards 2010, 2008, 2006, 2005, Epson International Pano Awards 2010, Moscow International Advertising Festival 2006, Cresta International Advertising Awards 2006 and Cannes Advertising Festival shortlist 2006.

Besides her artistic practise and photography work, Elina also guest lectures and teaches photography. In 2003 she taught digital and creative photography in Republic of the Congo in a cultural project funded by the European Commission. In 2004 – 2007 she served as a Board member of the Qualification Committee for Degrees on Visual Communications nominated by The Finnish National Board of Education. Between 1997-2013 she has guest lectured in UK, Finland, Poland and Republic of the Congo.


Tel: +44 78 10466872
Region: London & the South East
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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