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Kerry Beckingsale

Working as a commercial photographer in Bicester shooting furniture, cars, food, people, and lighting to name a few.

Josh Redman

Winner of the AOP Assistant Award 2014! I split my time between assisting and working as a photographer in my own right. Testimonials for my assisting can be found below. I have assisted the following photographers (with the type of photography I've assisted them on in brackets): Arnaud Stephenson: (location portrait/music portrait) Charlie Best: http: (location music and corporate portrait) Daniel Campagne: (location portrait) David Brook: (still life and fashion) Emilie Bailey (studio band portrait) Jorn Tomter (environmental portrait) Marcelo Benfield: (studio and location fashion) Mark Albertsen: (studio fashion) Matthew Beedle: (studio and location still life/interiors) Matthew Booth: (still life and interiors) Matthew Hass: (location advertising) Matthew Joseph: (location corporate portrait and lifestyle adverising) Michael Micheals: (studio food advertising) MIchael Molloy: (location portrait/advertorial) Mike Ellis: (location corporate portrait) Nicola Schafer: (studio kid's portrait) Nikolay Biryukov (studio and location fashion editorial) OMM Photographic (interiors advertising) Paul Broadrick: (corporate portrait) Peter Searle: (corporate portrait) Sam Hofman: (car editorial) Sarel Jansen: (corporate portrait/lifestyle advertising) Simon Pantling: (interiors advertising) Stuart Hendry (fitness editorial) Ria Osbourne: (food editorial) I have assisted on a wide variety of shoots both on location and in studio for editorial and advertising, with subjects including still life, people, fashion, corporate and interiors. Cients have included: Audi Boots Comic Relief De Walt Dolmio GlaxoSmithKline Google Gordon's Gin GQ Magazine Harper's Bazaar Hovis Sainsbury's Sports Direct Stylist Magazine Thomas Cook Ticketmaster Matthew Booth says: "Josh has worked with me for some time now. I use him as a reliable and highly adept assistant. He is an excellent photographer himself, producing high quality images with a creative flair. I would recommend him to anyone." Matthew Beedle says: "I recently hired Josh whilst I was one armed for a few weeks after a cycling accident and did not regret it. He was knowledgeable, creative, punctual and willing to work on each project as if it was his own. I would highly recommend Josh for any assisting work at a range of levels and if you can take him on full time, do it! Thanks again." Nicola Schafer says: "Josh did a great job assisting me on a photo shoot last year. He was prompt, helpful, and able to know what was required without needing to be asked. He had all the practical skills required from an assistant and he is also a highly skilled and extremely creative photographer. I recommend him highly and would hire him again." My knowledge of equipment is fairly broad, so please get in touch if you need to know my expertise in any particular setup. I have used various brands of lights/cameras/software and have good experience in both location and studio work. PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Clients include: Aram Gallery British Museum Canary Wharf Christie's David Roberts Art Foundation Estonian Embassy Julius Baer (Swiss Bank) Studio Moross

Robert Chadwick

Worked full time for advertising photographer Jonathan Oakes in Manchester before moving to London. Now based in Islington. I Have worked on shoots for magazines including Marie Clair, In Style, Harpers and Queen, Q , and the Times magazine.

Tristan Fennell

Hi I'm Tristan and been working as a freelance digital operator, retoucher and lighting assistant for over 5 years to advertising, fashion, still life photographers in studio and on location around the UK and abroad. Just let me know where and when and I am ready to go! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please visit my blog for recent jobs I have worked on ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am an experienced digital operator with Phocus H4D-50/39 MultiShot, Capture One Pro 8 with Phase One 645 DF P45/60 and IQ 140/160/180/250 Canon, Nikon, Leaf, Lightroom, comp and retouch on location or in Studio with Photoshop CC. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can arrange iPad or additional monitor for client/photographer while shooting. Preview image delivery via and backup storage of raw images throughout the day. Optional Backup service for 3 months after shoot of raws and any retouched final files. Pre-Production and help in sourcing local rental of dry digital capture and lighting equipment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have experience lighting with Profoto, Elinchrom, Breise Flash/Tungsten, Broncolor, HMI, Nikon SB-900, Strobe Fish Fry in studio or on location using 10/8Kw generators and 32A/16A to 13amp distribution. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bio: B.A. Dublin Institute of Technology 2002, Ireland M.A. Goldsmiths College 2007, UK

Nicholas Barnard

Charlotte Hazeldine

I have been working as a freelance photographer and assistant in and around London for over 5 years now. I am experienced both on location and in the studio. I have worked in all areas of photography supporting photographers from corporate, editorial, advertising and heritage backgrounds and I am particularly interested in supporting photographers in the industrial and commercial worlds. With a BA in photography and a diverse background in the field I have had lots of experience with most forms of software, lighting and camera equipment; this knowledge has provided me with transferable skills which, combined with my ability to learn and adapt efficiently, allows me to meet all photographers' needs. I have a excellent knowledge of: -PC and Mac software, -Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Sinar cameras and backs, -I have covered cameras from digital/small to large formats. -Very familiar with Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, and Strobe studio lighting, I am confident organising and loading film stock, keeping records through and after shoots, backing up data as well as supporting with creative and technical decisions. I have a full clean UK driving license and am available to travel further afield from London if required. If you require any more information about me please visit my LinkedIn profile or feel free to call/email me. Thank you for your time in viewing my profile.

Ned Henry

Ned Henry's passion for photography goes back to when he was younger after visiting his grandmother in Maine, USA. There he produced images that inspired him to develop a career in photography. Through assisting and retouching he hopes to gain further industry experience and build up a portfolio to go out on his own. He can deliver smooth workflow and file handling and has good knowledge of PC and Mac software, using Capture One and Photoshop regularly. After graduating from a BA Photography course at Falmouth University in mid 2013 he moved to London to pursue a career as a photographer. Ned's main interest of photography is Architecture and Interiors but he's adapted to working in different fields with numerous photographers. His understanding of lighting and composition allows him to assist on set and add a creative input.

T: 07745648073



Johnny Burrell

Based in Leeds & London, UK. 5 years experience working as a Freelance Assistant & Digi Op. I have a broad range of experience working on a variety of different shoots including – Commercial and Corporate portraits Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Advertising Food / Product photography Motor I am adaptable & competent working in a studio setting or on location with all forms of lighting and camera equipment. I am confident as a Digi-Op using Capture One - monitoring a tethered shoot, checking exposures, sharpness and organising & backing up the developed files. I have also had a lot of experience building and decorating sets, including electrics. Additionally I also have 3 years experience working with video and constant lighting for film. I have worked on online corporate video content, music videos and TV commericals. I have a UK passport and a full, clean UK driving license and have my own car for transportation. Equipment Used: Canon 1DX, 1Ds III, 5D2&3s, C100, C300. Nikon D800, 3DX, D600. Leica S2. Hasselblads H2D, H3D. Mamiya / Phaseone 645DFs. Sony FS700. Lighting: Elinchrom. Broncolor. Bowens. Profoto. Canon Speedlights. Dedolight. Arri Tungsten. Arri HMIs. Kino-Flo. Digital / Post-Production: Photoshop. Capture One. Lightroom. Qualifications: BTEC Level 3 Certificate in 2009. Masters Degree in Photography 2012. Clients include: Adidas, Puma, Sony Playstation, Crew Clothing, Henri Lloyd, Channel 4, Waitrose, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Punk Publishing, De Veres, SEAT & Asda.

Popov Majda

T: 0 7828 747 026


Simon Goodwin

Hello, I have been working as a freelance first and second assistant in London for the past 7 years. ------------------- I have lots of on set experience using a variety of cameras, lighting and software. Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, GoPro and Sinar cameras and backs. Arri, Bowens, Broncolor, Dedo, Elinchrom, Kino Flo, Profoto and Strobe studio and location lighting. I am a skilled digital operator and retoucher and I’m proficient with Capture One Pro, Leaf Capture, Phocus, Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw and Sinar Capture Shop, plus various plug-ins from VSCO and Alien Skin. Lastly, I have a full clean UK driving license and passport. ------------------- If you need an assistant for your shoot, or any pre and post production work then please get in touch. Thanks. M: 07760 252772 Updated - June 2015

T: 0044 7760 252772



Gidi Meir Morris

I believe that 90% of your problems can be solved by marketing, the other 10% can be solved with a good assistant - and I can be that assistant. :) I have been freelancing as an assistant for a couple of years now. I spent 2013 splitting my time between two leading fashion photographers in Tel-Aviv and moved to London a couple of months ago. I have assisted on editorial and commercial fashion and portrait shoots and have also been in charge of the IT infrastructure of a couple of studios (belonging to the above mentioned fashion photographers). I also have a rich experience in retouching and image manipulation with many years of experience with Photoshop and various digital workflow applications. As I am transitioning from a previous career in the tech industry, I have a strong grounding in digital technology and can take charge of all the IT needs of my clients. I am a hard worker, highly motivated to provide added value to the photographers who I assist and to learn from them. I am quick to learn new technologies, workflows and routines. --------------------------- ==== Skill Set ==== --------------------------- My experience as summed up in boring bullet points: ● Studio and Location lighting using multiple brands (Elinchrom, Profoto, Paul C. Buff etc.) ● Studio digital workflow implementation and management (using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, PC & Mac systems) ● Both subtle retouching and heavy manipulation of photographs (using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom etc.) and Graphic Design (using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign etc.) ● Experienced at working as part of a creative team and at the subtleties and politics of client facing businesses. ● Have an International driving license (which allows me to drive in the UK), can borrow a car if needed and can, technically (though I don’t think legally in the UK), drive a military Humvee if needed ;)

T: (+44) 7946149571



Danielle Wood

Robert Radmall

Internationally experienced London based freelance lighting technician, camera assistant/operator and film editor. Extensive studio and location experience in USA and Europe who has had the privilege of working alongside many inspirational photographers and directors across multiple genres in both the photographic and film Industry. Key strengths are close attention to detail, technical knowledge, personable, people-focussed nature with a real passion for the visual arts. GENRES: Stills. Fashion, Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, Portraiture & Architecture. Film & Video. Coroprate, Documentary & Feature (Drama). CAMERA: Canon, Hasselblad, Linhof, Leica, Mamiya, Nikon, Pentax, Phase One, Sinar & Sony. CAPTURE & POST: Stills. Capture One Pro & Lightroom. Film/Editing. Final Cut Pro Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Premier Pro CS6 & Audition. Sound. Zoom, Roland, Rode, Tascam & Sennheiser. Music. Play Guitar, Piano & Drums. LIGHTING: Arri, Broncolor, Bowens, Briese, Dedo, Desisti, Elinchrom, Hensel, Kino Flo, Lowel, Mole Richardson & Profoto. GRIP: Arri, Matthews, Manfrotto, Oconnor, Redrock, Sachtler & Zacuto. Full UK Passport. CV/Resume & Film/Editing Showreel on request.

Lee Thompson

I have a good understanding of the pressures of leading a photo shoot, and know the importance of photographers being supported by capable and intuitive assistants. More than anything, I am versatile, enthusiastic and technically proficient, and would greatly value the opportunity to support your work in any way that would be useful to you! As a Fine Art Photography graduate and professional photographer & assistant with a long-standing love of the visual arts, I have worked in a range of settings and genres – my practice spans conceptual projects as well as commercial and advertising commissions for leading fashion houses and publications- as well as film making and documentary works. I have years of experience providing assistant support, and most recently, leading a studio team as in-house senior photographer. I bring passion and commitment to all of my projects, and am in constant pursuit of new ideas and inspiration. _____________________________TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY________________________________ CAPTURE & POST Mac & PC Platforms, Adobe Photoshop CS5: Adobe Certified in visual communications using Adobe CS5, PhaseOne Capture One Pro7, Adobe Lightroom 5, Final Cut Pro, Tablet, Negative Scanning Hasselblad Flextight & Epson Perfection V750Pro, Word & Excel CAMERA & LIGHTING PhaseOne P+Series, Hasselblad H Systems, Canon/Nikon DSLR’s, Analogue large/Medium/35mm format, Video DV/HD/DSLR’s Cameras, Studio flash lighting Profoto ProSystems, Bowens, Briese Lichttechnik Focus, and HMI, Continuous Arri Tungsten/ Florescent/ KinoFlow Systems TRADITIONAL Film processing. Skilled traditional Wet room B&W/Colour Mural Printer, Toner and chemical formulator; Mentor: John Blakemore. Self-taught finisher: Photo spotting, Window mounting, Framing and installation _____________________________KIT INCLUDED IN SERVICE_________________________________ Nikon D700 and Canon Mark ii (back up bodies), Hasselblad 500c, Nikon Fm3a bodies, lenses, Lee Filter systems and film making accessories including Shoulder Cam Rig, Kanova slider, Zacuto viewfinder, Manfrotto tripod and fluid head, Macbook Pro Retina, Capture One, Lightroom 5, Photoshop CS6. _______________________CLEAN DRIVERS LICENCE & UK PASSPORT_________________________ Included in day rate is use of my car. VW Golf estate which is ideal for transporting larger crews and additional equipment.

Colin Hoskins


T: +44 797 158 7998


George Eyres

I am an eighteen year old photographic assistant based in Croydon, South London. I am twenty minutes away from central london. I have been assisting since January 2013. Experienced in: capture One 7, Pro Foto, Bowens, Elinchrom , Studio Lighting setups. I work for photographers, Takahito Sasaki, Ben Riggot, Anthony Edwin, Antonio Patronzio and Mike Prior. I have assisted on shoots for various magazines including: Cosmopolitan Magazine Uk, Inked Magazine NY, Fiasco, Surface China etc. I have assisted on shoots for Anne Sommers, Ogilvie and Mathers, Cadburys, etc. I am Young with a lot of energy, a very professional working attitude and extremely punctual. I have a strong interest in fashion photography and portraiture , and I am eager to work in any area of photography available.

Oliver Goodrich

Freelance assistant since 2005. Based in London & Brighton. Studio and location experience in the UK and Europe in a wide variety of areas, including corporate, advertising, fashion, lifestyle, education, healthcare, portraiture, fine art, still life, interiors, product photography, catalogue, time lapse. Experienced with a wide range of cameras, lighting (flash and continuous) and software. Worked for many AOP and non-AOP photographers over the years. Shoots for: Apple, Bentley, Cancer Research UK, The Conran Store, Corbis, easyJet, Gap, KPMG, McLaren, Nivea, PWC, RB Products, Shortlist, Vodafone, Wired Magazine. Extensive work in video, mainly shooting with my own Canon C100 and 5D Mk2, but familiar with many other cameras. Available as a video assistant or cameraman. Shoots include: Barclays, Blueprint Magazine, Brown Brothers Harriman, The Drinks Business Magazine, Google, ITV, New Statesman, RIBA, The Royal Academy of Music, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Shell Oil, Unicef, Zaha Hadid Architects. See Vimeo link bottom left for video showreel. Up to date DBS (formerly CRB) check, public liability and those kind of boring but necessary things. Despite the highly factual profile, I also have a personality, which even includes a sense of humour...

Thomas Albrow

Freelance Assistant and Retoucher. Based in London and Cambridge. Seven years experience working as an assistant. I have experience of a wide variety of shoots: Commercial and Corporate portraits, Advertising, Still life and Product photography, Food, Architectural and Editorial and Music photography. Comfortable working in studio or on location. Camera And Lighting Equipment: Hasselblad digital cameras, H2D,H3D,H5D Mamyia 645 with digital backs. Canon 5d Mark 2 (stills and moving image). Canon 1Ds. Nikon D3, D2x, D700. Some experience using Mamiya RZ67. Sony Z7 video camera Bowens Lighting equipment. Broncolor Lighting Equipment Elinchrom Lighting equipment. Canon and Nikon Speed lights. Software: Hasselblad Phocus and Flex Colour. Photoshop. Canon DPP. Able to work on both Mac and PC systems. I am an experienced retoucher with extensive knowledge of photoshop. BA(Hons) Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent University. UK Passport and Full, clean, UK driving license and car.

T: 07881 951506


Stephen Ambrose

Clients: Adam Hinton, Nick Georgiou, Chris Frazer-Smith. Experienced

Daniele Melgiovanni

Freelance assistant with over 10 years experience in fashion, life style, advertising, cars, still life, people, animals. Among all the photographers I have assisted Jay Myrdal and Bay Hippisley is the one who influenced me the most. I am very skilled with all camera formats from 10x8 to 35mm, including digital capture (Phase One, Leaf, Nikon and Canon). Lighting includes Broncolor, HMI, Tungsten, Strobe, Elinchrom, Profoto. Excellent IT skills: Photoshop, Word, Lightroom, Capture One, Mac and PC.

Roy James Baron

Assistant of quality

T: +44 7855 797561



Karl Donovan

London based assistant available worldwide. Providing regular assistance across a range of briefs including still-life, fashion, advertising, commercial, editoril and corporate. With a positive attitude and impeccable organisational skills; accompanied by a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm, Karl offers a hands-on, practical and creative approach to problem solving. Alongside this he has three years experience as a staff Photographer for Paul Smith shooting in-house still life and product photographs for e-commerce. Knowledge Highly proficient with Mac computers, Wacom Hardware and various software packages. Adobe Photoshop, Capture One Pro, Digital Photo Professional. Camera Systems Canon including 1Ds MkIII & 5D MkII & Mk III, Phase One (P30+ & P45+), Hasselblad 503CW and H System. Film knowledge up to 5X4. Lighting Adept in both studio and location lighting, familiar with Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Bowens and Kino Flo. Full Clean UK Driving Licence – Valid UK Passport - Non-Smoker

Fenella Mett

Neil Fox

T: 020 7274 8274



Chiara Galli

Hello, my name is Chiara (but you can call me Claire) I moved in London 3 years ago from sunny Italy and I've since worked as photo assistant and freelance photographer. My greatest joy working as photo assistant is to help other photographers to achieve their vision and to relieve them of some on the pressure the job always put on them. No job is too small or too big for me because everything you do on set, if done well, can make a difference for the better.

Mike Dodd

I work with automotive, industrial, interior and portrait photographers and set builders. I’m very well versed with tungsten and also use Profoto, Elinchrom, Broncolor and the Bron-Studio software. Although I have a solid understanding of Capture One, Bridge and Photoshop I’ll be honest in that I’m not often required to work with them as an assistant as most of the guys I have worked with up till now look after their own workflow. I’m in my 30's, a non-smoker and have a full drivers and motorcycle license and am an experienced very competent international driver with lots of tracking and rig shot experience. I have a car and motorcycle so transport so I can be in any location with ease. I’m and experienced and confident traveller and an easygoing companion when spending hours in close proximity with others day after day on location or in the studio. Some of the guys I’ve worked with: Trigger Mark Bramley Richard Prescott Mark Fagelson John Wycherley Justin Leighton Patrick Gosling Oli Tennent

T: +44 7958603989


Tom Keen

A freelance assistant in London for over 5 years, I have worked for numerous photographers on a variety of shoots, fashion to food to automotive, both on location, worldwide, and in the studio. I have good knowledge of all formats from 10x8 to medium format digi-backs and all lighting from Strobe Equipment to Dedolight. Good on a Mac with retouch and of-course I am highly proficient with a kettle and cafetiere. My personal work has been exhibited in the AOP Open, AOP Assistants Awards and Portrait Salon Competition. Based in South London but also with a base in Nottingham and Cambridge. I possess a full, clean driving licence and full no clams insurance. A hard working, reliable and dedicated assistant.

Andy Carver

Andy has been assisting for just over five years now, the first eighteen months of this, he was full time assistant to Richard Glover, specialising in architecture. Since then Andy has been freelancing working with a broad base of different photographers almost exclusively on location, including fashion, corporate, advertising, tv stills and interiors. Andy has a comprehensive knowledge of professional camera systems and lighting whether it be on location or in the studio. In addion he has worked with many of the leading pro digital systems, inc Canon, Nikon, imacon, Sinar and H25. and this also includes processing files and hi end scanning and is the proud holder of a full clean UK driving licence.

Emma Townsend

Photography has been my passion for many years and I enjoy every aspect. Over the years I have worked as an assistant for many leading photographers including Mike Venables, Phil Surbey, Carol Sharp, Vera Kodajova and Nadav Kander on a wide variety of studio and location shots. This has given me a wide range of experience and a insight to many different techniques and set ups.