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Members' Charter

Purpose of the Charter

The AOP is governed by its Memorandum and Articles which form the legal basis on which the AOP runs and gives certain powers to the Board. The Member's Charter dictates what members can expect from the AOP and what is expected from AOP members. Members of the AOP are bound by the Memorandum and Articles and the Member's Charter.

AOP's Purpose & Aims

The AOP is a not-for-profit company that exists as a lobbying, promoting, educating and networking organisation for professional photography.

  • To defend vigorously, and lobby for, the best interests of the membership
  • To promote the worth, credibility and standing of all photographers and the wider photographic profession
  • To enable members to understand and safeguard their rights as authors
  • To encourage the highest standards in creative, technical and commercial practices at all times
  • To form active links between photographers and those in related creative fields worldwide, and to recognise and respect each other's aims and needs.


The AOP is committed to ensuring that the interests and needs of its members and stakeholders, regardless of geographic location, are understood and reflected throughout the organisation and the wider creative industry.

The AOP has five Working Groups led by staff, each has at least one Board member as part of it.

  • Image magazine & publications - all print & web publications, communication
  • Awards - Awards programmes, 
  • Education - workshops, seminars, technology, students
  • Finance - a standing committee, involving the AOP's independent non-executive directors and concerned with all aspects of financial reporting and management.
  • Online Exhibitions - gallery exhibition programme, private hire, participation in relevant trade shows

These Working Groups are the means by which members can have input into AOP projects, new & ongoing, with the exception of the Finance Committee. They are listed here

Vacancies on the Board will be advertised on the AOP's website, in the AOP Newsletter and brought to the attention of the Members through targeted communications.


We will communicate to the members and stakeholders of the AOP via Image magazine; AOP Newsletter; AOP website; AOP forum; e-mail; letters and at the Annual General Meeting.


We want to know if you feel we are not performing our duties, suggestions/complaints can be made by letter or e-mail and should be addressed in the first instance to the Membership Manager, Rachel Brown.

If you remain dissatisfied you should ask for the matter to be referred to the Operations Director.

In the event you continue to be dissatisfied with our response, you should ask for the matter to be referred to the Board of Directors who will investigate the matter further.

We will investigate the complaint thoroughly at each stage of the procedure and will endeavour to respond to you within 7 working days of receiving the complaint. If for some reason a response is not possible within 7 working days we will inform you without delay.

Members' Responsibilities

Members of the AOP agree:

  • To be bound by the AOP's Memorandum and Articles, copies of which are available on request.
  • To treat their employees, fellow members and AOP staff with respect
  • To constantly strive to uphold and enhance the reputation of the AOP by demonstrating exemplary standards in their professional conduct
  • To support AOP activities and lend their names, whenever possible, to campaigning issues
  • To conduct their professional operations within the law

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